Fascinated by Hip-hop since its youngest age , DJ Neya launches into the scratch in 1995. His passion shows itself and makes his. Nothing more can stop him.
Begin then The "ParaNeya of Cut" with his first tapes entitled "Neya Mix Tape".
Locked into 1 cellar reorganized in home-studio, he also composes sounds and records artists of his district. Work with the FDMC and La Saga des Dicksas.
The DJ did not say his last scratch and realize the trilogy "DJ Neya Mix Skeud" which will be distributed in all France with chronicles on Web and magazines of time as Radikal. Meanwhile the DJ takes out the turntables and explodes the evenings, we shall find him almost everywhere in Paris and in Ile-de-France in particular in Les Bains-douches or still to Le Bureau.
Then DJ Neya decides to stand back and falls again in his Scratch Psychoses the only therapy of which is the intensive training. Come the time of the competitions. He takes away titles of which that of the champion Hypercut organized by the school of Logilo.
The DJ decides to travel the FM band to expose to the largest number his Scratch Philosophy. But without result. Then he goes to the nerve there and decides to create his own broadcast.
It is finally on radio Libertaire 89.4FM that the "Zone A Mix" lands finally on the FM band in 2004.
DJ Neya also participates in numerous scenes Hip-Hop (festival of Bagneux, demo Mixvibes in Siel on 2005, DJ for Sefyu in the concert of 23 Ambiances in Sarcelles in April, 2008 ...), TV programs as "Très Fresh" in La Locale, the radio passages abroad as the Shuggah Show in San Francisco, and collaborates with numerous artists Of Dj as the creator of the Scratch Grand Wizzard Theodore either still DJ Qbert, with beatboxers as Sly Da Mic Buddah du Saïan Supa Crew, or still Mc as Zoxea, Lotek Hi fi, Cassidy, 2Bal, Mystik, Rockin' Squat ...
The Zone A Mix come to an end in 2008. The DJ dedicated himself afterward essentially in parties and scratch.
In 2013, he sees abandoning everything for personal reasons. But his turntables remain trendy.
The return of the legend of Fosses-aux-Lions is announced for 2016 via the reopening of his site djneya.com, which is a consecration of his art.
He says then: "the world goes badly, this time smells bad, we are bored, everything is insipid. I am back by the force of the scratch OK it's good, I agree, I return ..."
And he adds "people did not follow, I came to resume my owed, I'm back motherfucker I'm back!!"
DJ Neya since also created the 1st section DJ within the works council of Airports of Paris which is the first one in France. 
He also realizes sessions of initiation Scratch with children of holiday camp activity " to transmit and to make continue love of the scratch and the vinyl " he says.

October, 2018 he develops a new video broadcast with le komplice A.D.S played in live since the cave and which the comfortable name and the eccentric is " Live In Room Show " who expresses all the concept. 



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